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Can we use your bulk mail permit?

Yes, you can use our bulk mail permit to mail your magnet postcards. We can add the permit to the artwork when we prepare the proof for review.

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Can I send a magnet bulk mail?

A magnet cannot be sent through the mail by itself. To send a magnet in the mail it has to either be attached to a postcard or sent in an envelope. Our complete postcard magnet mailers can be sent at the bulk mail rates.

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Will the magnet come off in the mail?

Our magnet mailers have been thoroughly tested and passed the United States Post Office approval process. The magnet will stay attached and be safely delivered to the recipient's home.

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Can you mail to international addresses?

  • Yes, to provide an accurate quote please provide us with a complete mailing list for review. We will process the list and provide an all-inclusive estimate for international bulk mail.
  • Please provide a separate spreadsheet for national and international addresses. Please do not combine the addresses into one master list.
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What format do I need to provide the mailing list in?

  • The mailing list can only be processed in an Excel compatible format. The data must be divided into separate columns as follows:

    Address 1
    Address 2

  • The list cannot be processed for mailing unless these items are in separate columns.
  • We are limited to only “Address 1” and “Address 2” columns.
  • For alumni mailings please put the class year in a separate column from the name.
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Can I provide the mailing list for addressing?

Yes, the list must be in an Excel compatible format and follow the criteria below. Please send the mailing list to:

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Can I buy a mailing list from you?

  • Yes, we sell mailing lists. Please e-mail us with the list of zip codes you want to mail to and the criteria regarding who you want to deliver to. For example, "Homes and PO Boxes in zip 99999" .We will provide you with a spreadsheet of mailing data and a cost for your review and approval before purchase. You have the option to include or exclude any of the following address categories:
  • SFDU - Single Family Dwelling Unit - free standing homes
  • MFDU - Multi-Family Dwelling Unit - such as apartments and condos
  • TRLR - Trailers
  • PO Boxes
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Can you remove duplicates addresses for my mailing list?

  • Yes, this service usually costs $75.00 but may be more for large databases.
  • We have the option to remove duplicates by address or by name. For example, filtering by name would mean that each person would only receive one mailing, but more than one mailing could be delivered to the same address such as to a husband and a wife. Filtering by address would mean that each address will only appear on the list once.
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Do you run NCOA?

  • Yes, this service is provided at a cost of $60. Alternatively, we can add ‘or current resident’ to each address to avoid having to run NCOA and to guarantee 100% deliverability.
  • NCOA stands for "National Change of Address". The Post Office keeps a database of all addresses and residents. Running NCOA is the process by which all the addresses on your mailing list are verified against the Post Office database to ensure that they are correct and up to date.
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Can you just address the mailing then ship it back to me?

  • Yes, we can address, sort and tray your order, and prepare the necessary postal paperwork (such as the 3602), and then send everything back to you so you can take it to your local Post Office for mailing.
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